Facebook Cover Photos for your Timeline

Facebook Cover Photos are a great way to customize your profile page. We provide free Facebook cover photos using the appropriate Facebook cover photos size. All images are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload one it will be behind your profile picture as a wallpaper. InstaCovers.com makes it easy to upload your cover photos to your Facebook Timeline. Not only do we provide the best Facebook cover photos, but we update our site frequently. With the average Facebook user spending a half an hour a day - literally scrolling, a Facebook Timeline Covers are a great way to be creative and showcase your personal style. With the demand to supply the Facebook community with an interesting way to spice up their pages, we created this website as a one-stop resource for Facebook Covers. Once you’e picked the perfect image, use your Facebook cover photo maker - for free! Customize it with text, stickers, frames, and more. So stop reading - browse our selection of the best cover photos for Facebook. Our HD images are sure to provide exactly what you’re looking for.